Truthy and Falsy values

Javascript truthy and falsy values are quite confusing for the newbie or beginner. When you want to see any value or data in boolean, as a result, you will get true or false. If you get true then the value will be truthy else falsy. There are a few falsy values in javascript and the rest of the values are truthy. Here are some examples of falsy value —

0 // (zero) falsy value“” // (empty string) falsy valuenull, undefined \\ falsy valuefalse // falsy value

Null vs Undefined

The difference between null and undefined is really confusing. I am…

Framework or Library?

This is a misconception that React is a framework. React is not a framework, it is a javascript library. Frameworks are not flexible. Framework usually wants us to code everything in a certain way. Where library gives us more freedom. Frameworks are also usually large and full of features. If we need to use only a small piece of them, we have to include the whole thing anyway.

DOM Manipulation

React updates DOM in a very special way. If we make any changes in DOM React does not replace the whole DOM rather React makes a virtual DOM and comper between two…

Arrays are objects?

This is a little confusing but true that arrays are not a separate data type in javascript. All Arrays are objects. There are 9 kinds of data types in javascript. 1. Undefined​, 2. Null​, 3. Booleans​, 4. Numbers​, 5. Strings​, 6. Symbols​ 7. BigInts​, 8. Objects​, 9. Functions​. All others are objects like arrays, Date, etc.

Event Loop

Event Loop is a very confusing but easy thing in JavaScript. Actually, the event loop is more related to a browser. Browsers run each expression in a stack. If any expression takes time to execute for example API browsers…

For many years JavaScript is a very popular programming language, especially in the web development industry. So, if someone trying to make a bright career in this industry you should learn JavaScript. Not only web development if want to be any kind of programmer and you can’t decide which programming language you should choose, simply start learning JavaScript. Because JavaScript is easy to learn and you can do everything with JavaScript in 2021. If you learn any programming language it is easy to switch to another programming language.

In this blog, I am not going to teach you from scratch…

Ahnaf Abir

Hi there, I am a Junior Web Developer. I love to build interactive websites and travel around the world.

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